Trang chủ WIN-GHOST Windows 11 Pro Lite v22H2 build 22621.1778 (Moment 3)

Windows 11 Pro Lite v22H2 build 22621.1778 (Moment 3)

Windows 11 Pro Lite v22H2 build 22621.1778 (Moment 3)

Windows 11 Pro Lite v22H2 build 22621.1778 (Moment 3)

Tải xuống Windows 11 Pro Lite v22H2 build 22621.1778 (Moment 3) là bản dựng Windows 11 Moment 3 cập nhật mới nhất tháng 05/2023. Bản dựng được tùy biến loại bỏ các ứng dụng UWP không cần thiết, cũng như các dịch vụ không quan trọng, giúp Windows 11 hoạt động tốt trên máy cấu hình thấp hoặc chơi game.

Release year : 2023
Version : 22H2 (Moment 3)
Developer :
Assembly author: Tatata
Platform : x64
Interface language : English
Tablet : Not required

System requirements:
• Processor 1 GHz or faster, 2 cores or more on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC
• RAM 4 GB or more
• Storage device 64 GB or more
• Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
• Over 9″ high definition (720p) display, 8 bits per color channel
• Video adapter – Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
• Internet connection and Microsoft accounts

The lightweight build is based on the original MSDN image from Microsoft:
Integrated latest updates for May 25, 2023, build updated to version 22621.1778
The main focus is on ease of use in everyday work by removing useless components, services and processes. Quick automatic installation – all user actions come down to choosing a partition for installing windows.

• Added DirectX 9.0c
•NET Framework 4.8.1
• 7-Zip archiver
• Left Microsoft Store
• Segoe UI Semibold font installed
• Standard PhotoViewer included
• Cleaned up and compressed WinSxS\Backup folder
• The system was not in audit mode
Browsers :• Internet Explorer
• Edge Chromium
• Edge Developer Tools Client

Multimedia :

• Lock screen background
• Windows TIFF IFilter
• Game Explorer
• Adobe Flash
• Wallpaper
• Screensavers
• Sound themes
• Windows themes
• Speech recognition
• Clipchamp – video editor
• Windows Media Player
• Windows System Assessment Tool

Network :

• Telnet Client
• TFTP Client
• OneDrive client
• Work folders client
• MultiPoint Connector
• Offline files
• Simple TCP/IP Services
• Remote registry
• Remote Assistance
• Windows Mail
• Remote Desktop Server
• Remote Desktop Client
• OOBE Web Authorization Portal
• RDC Remote Differential Compression
• SSH Connection tool for remote login
• Connection Flow support for network portals

Privacy :

• Kernel Debugging
• Face recognition
• Graphic password
• WiFi Network Manager
• Assigned access rights
• Support PIN login
• Windows Error Reporting
• Unified telemetry client
• Location Service
• Windows Insider Center

System :

• Windows Update
• Security Center
• Storage spaces
• System Restore
• Windows Backup
• Windows Subsystem for Linux
• Special abilities
• Ease of Access Cursors
• Ease of Access Themes
• Easy Transfer
• Step Recorder
• Windows To Go
• File History
• Magnifier
• Wordpad
• Name
• Narrator
• All languages ​​except en-us
• Project File System (ProjFS)

System Applications :

• AAD Broker Plugin
• App Resolver UX
• Map Control
• Calling Shell
• CBS Preview
• Capture Picker
• File Picker
• Windows Hello
• Demo content
• Setting Sync
•Skype ORTC
• Smart Screen
• Handwriting input
• Webcam Experience
• Win32 Web View Host
• Windows Defender
• Windows Mixed Reality
• Windows Reader (PDF)
• Windows kiosk mode
• Content Delivery Manager
• Credential Dialog Host
• ECApp
•Lock App
• Take Test
• NcsiUwpApp
• Parental Controls
• People Experience Host
• XGPU popup dialog
• Xbox Live user interface
• Xbox Console internal client

Windows Applications :

• Alarms & Clock
•App Installer
• Calculator
• Cortana
• Camera
• Family
• Films & TV
• Feedback Hub
• Gaming App
• My Office
• Get Help
• News
• Maps
• People
• Photos
• Phone Link
• Quick Assist
• Sticky Notes
• Store Experience Host
• Solitaire Collection
• Power Automate Desktop
• Voice Recorder
• Terminal
• Tips
• Weather
• Windows Web Experience Pack
• Xbox UI
• Xbox Game Bar
• Xbox Live In-Game
• Xbox Identity Provider

• General access
• Error reporting
• Remote Assistance
• User Account Control
• Reserved storage
• Blur effect on login screen
• Software Quality Improvement Program
• All additional event logs
• Program Compatibility Assistant

Smart card
Windows Search
Remote registry
Saving Xbox Live games
Xbox Live Network Service
Diagnostic Execution Service
Diagnostic System Assembly
Diagnostic Service Host
Downloaded map manager
Windows Camera Frame Server
Windows Biometric Service
Smart Card Deletion Policy
Sensor Service
Wallet service
File History Service
Sensor Data Service
Store demo service
Sensor Surveillance Service
Geolocation Service
Windows Error Logging Service
Program Compatibility Assistant Service
Windows Remote Management Service (WS-Management)
Microsoft Diagnostics Center Standard Collector Service
Xbox Live Authentication Manager
Custom DVR service for gaming and streaming
Immediate connections Windows-Recorder settings
Connected user functionality and telemetry
WAP-based push message routing service for device management

Microsoft\Windows\Device Information\Device
Microsoft\Windows\Device Setup\Metadata Refresh
Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\StartupAppTask
Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\PcaPatchDbTask
Microsoft\Windows\Data Integrity Scan\Data Integrity Scan
Microsoft\Windows\Data Integrity Scan\Data Integrity Check And Scan
Microsoft\Windows\Customer Experience Improvement Program\UsbCeip
Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser
Microsoft\Windows\Customer Experience Improvement Program\Consolidator
Microsoft\Windows\Data Integrity Scan\Data Integrity Scan for Crash Recovery
Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory\File History (maintenance mode)
Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\QueueReporting
Microsoft\Windows\Power Efficiency Diagnostics\AnalyzeSystem
• Programs using Framework 4 instead of Framework 3.5
• Become the owner and get full access (to files, folders)
• A number of useful tweaks in the right click context menu
• Integrated useful tweaks from Windows 10 Tweaker: privacy, system, optimization, interface
• Set the average size of the taskbar with center alignment
• Classic Windows context menu enabled
• Disabled collection of data about installed applications
• Disabled user location detection
• Disabled advertising ID and advertising
• Disabled Snap Assist function (window snapping)
• Disabled ”shields” on executable files
• Disabled hidden system monitoring
• Disabled “shortcut to” prefix
• Disabled Windows telemetry
• Disabled nVidia telemetry
• KB5026446 – cumulative update
• KB5022497 – Update NET Framework 4.8.1
• Recording the downloaded windows image using programs: UltraIso or Rufus .
• Installation from a DVD disc or flash drive.
• You can boot from WinPE such as Strelec by selecting the 78Setup utility ,
there is no need to write the image to a flash drive or disk.
• System activation occurs automatically when connected to the Internet.
• Removal of components and integration of updates was done using DISM
• To reduce the size of the image is compressed in Esd format
• Default keyboard layout – English
• Keyboard switching – Ctrl+Snift keysPS I recommend installing drivers using Snappy Driver Installer – a free and automatic driver installer.
Also, don’t forget to install the Visual C++package (required for many programs and games – clickable links ).
For example , in the third screenshot, the installation of the Mozilla Firefox browser from the Windows store. Assembly assembled at the request: ”make the same, but in English” .


Download Windows 11 Pro Lite v22H2 build 22621.1778 (Moment 3)

Dung lượng file ISO là 2.8GB




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